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A Collection of papers on Drug Issues in Ireland

Author: Moran, Rosalyn; Dillion, Lucy; O'Brein, Mary; Maycock, Paula; Farell, Eimear; Pike, Brigid

Publication Year: 2001


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Chapter 1: National drugs strategy and structural mechanisms
1.1 Introduction
1.2 National drugs strategy 1996 - 2000
1.3 National drugs strategy 2001 - 2008
1.4 National development plan 2000 - 2006
1.5 National Co-Ordination and Implementaion
1.6 Regional/Local Co-Orindination and Implementation
1.7 Evaluation of national strategies
1.8 Conclusions
1.9 References

Chapter 2: Drug-related infectious diseases
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Prevalance of HIV, HBV and HCV among drug users
2.3 Determinants of drug-related infectious diseases
2.4 Consequences of drug-related infectious diseases
2.5 New developments and uptake of prevention/harm reduction and care
2.6 Conclusion
2.7 References

Chapter 3: Cocaine use in Ireland: An exploratory Study
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Pharmacological dimensions of cocaine and modes of use
3.3 Research methodology
3.4 Existing data sources and other relevant empirical research on Cocaine use
3.5 Views on Surface providers and key informants on the cocaine problem
3.6 Exploratory study of social/recreational cocaine use
3.7 Cocaine use in Ireland: Discussion and conclusion
3.8 References

Chapter 4: Women, Children and Drug Use
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Historical and cultural background
4.3 Epidemiology of female drug use
4.4 HIV/AIDS, women, children and drug use
4.5 Drug use among female prisoners
4.6 Pregnancy and drug use
4.7 Children and drug use
4.8 Demand reduction (prevention, treatment and care) and female drug users
4.9 Barriers to service access
4.10 Conclusion
4.11 References


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