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National Hepatitis C Treatment Programme Clinical Advisory Group Community Treatment Guidelines

Author: HSE

Publication Year: 2020


1. Introduction
2. National Hepatitis C Treatment Programme guidelines
3. Virtual Clinical Advisory Group (vCAG)
4. Current criteria for DAA treatment
5. Preparation for DAA treatment
6. Exclusions for Community Treatment
7. Preferred DAAs for Community Treatment
8. Pregnancy
9. The General Practitioner
10. The Community Pharmacist
1. General Practitioner: Roles and Responsibilities
2. Community Pharmacist: Roles and Responsibilities
3. vCAG: Roles and Responsibilities
4. HCV registry – registration form
5. Patient registry information form
6. Hospital HCV Specialist Pharmacist Form
7. Hospital HCV Specialist Pharmacist Drug interaction Information form
8. References sources drug interactions etc
9. Application for PCRS + prescription
10. Contact Details
11. Patient Information leaflets
12. Funding approval and ordering of medicines process

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Keywords hepatitis virus c
Publisher HSE
Classification hepatitis virus c
Edition Version 2 July 2020
Pages 30
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