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Crisis Pregnancy: a management guide for general practice: Quick Reference Guide and Summary Document

Author: ni Riain, Ailis; Daly, Miriam; Ryan, Sonya; Murphy, Mark;ICGP Quality in Practice Committee;HSE; Crisis Pregnancy Programme

Publication Year: 2013


1. Introduction
1.1 Definition
1.2 Background
1.3 Aim of the Document
1.4 Key Points
2. Role of GP in Prevention and Management of Crisis Pregnancy
2.1 Prevention of Crisis Pregnancy
2.2 Emergency Contraception
2.3 Long Acting Reversible Contraception
3. Supporting a Woman or Couple in Making a Decision
3.1 Legal and Ethical Obligations
3.2 Counselling in Crisis Pregnancy
3.3 Fetal anamolies
4. Options in Crisis Pregnancy: Continuing the Pregnancy
4.1 Parenting
4.2 Adoption
4.3 Specialist Counselling
5. Options in Crisis Pregnancy: Terminating the Pregnancy
5.1 Information on Abortion and Abortion Clinics
5.2 Information on Abortion Techniques
5.3 Care of a Woman after Abortion
6. References
7. Appendices
A Legal and Ethical Considerations Relating to Crisis Pregnancy
B Directory of Services


Crisis pregnancy can affect women of childbearing age of any social group and any geographical community. The aim of this guideline is to ensure that all women with a Crisis Pregnancy receive high quality care when they present to General Practice. This guideline provides evidence - guided information and recommendations to support GPs when providing this care. This guideline was written by Ailis Ni Riain, Miriam Daly, Sonya Ryan and Mark Murphy, funded by an unrestricted educational grant from the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme and supported by the ICGP Quality in Practice Committee.

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Keywords abortion, adoption, pregnancy, women's health, contraception, counselling
Publisher Irish College of General Practitioners
Classification women's health
Pages 18
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