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General Practitioners attitudes towards Obesity and Management in Young Adults aged 12-18 years Dr David Millman 2013
Ophthalmology in primary care: a study of general practitioners knowledge and confidence Dr Claire Gibson 2013
Simply the Breast - An examination of infant feeding practices Dr Ann Beckett 2013
Exploring the culture of prescribing and consuming antibiotics for uncomplicated UTI’s in the west coast of Ireland Prof Andrew Murphy 2013
An Orish observational study to evaluate LUTS storage symptom improvemnt in men being traated with vesitirim Prof TH Lynch 2013
An Evaluatin of Helicobacter pylori prevalence and strain diversity in a unique cohort of adolescents in a developed country Dr Marion Rowland 2013
Paediatrics and Child Health in General Practice: The Trainees perspective Dr Julie O'Connor 2013
Diabetesd Management: An Audit of 10 GP practices Dr Fiona O'Reilly 2013
Dyslipidemia International Survey Ireland (DYSIS) lipid traget achievement in high risk patients with coronary Heart Disease (DYSIS II) Prof Andrew Murphy 2013
ECG Screening of opiate Substitution Therapy Patients Prof Gerard Bury 2013
To establish the incidence and prevelence of atrial fibrillation in general practice Dr Breda Smyth & Dr Pat Durcan 2013
Closed certification pilot study for first time certification Dr Clement Leech 2013
Protocol for the uninary tract infections in the community (UTI-C) intervention:A randomised trail of a social marketing informed complex intervention to improve atimicrobial prescribing for uniry tract infections in primary care Prof Andrew Murphy 2013
Resistant hypertension in general practice: A feasibility study for patient identifiaction and description Prof Andrew Murphy 2013
The role of the GP in addressing mental & Substance use disorders in young adults: A mixed methods approach Dorothy Leahy 2013
Supporting practice-based research innovation & teaching : A mixed methds study in the role of General practice at UL-GEMS(SPIRIT study) Prof Walter Cullen 2013
National Audits in General Practice - Diabetes audit as an example Dr Claire Collins 2013
User fees and Gp utilization;A Policy evaluation of the extension of Gp-visit cards to diabetes patients in Ireland Olawale Olarewaju 2013
Primary care of patients in Opiod Substitution Treatment: Pressing issues posing problems to patient life Dr Jan Kilmas 2013
A national, cross-sectional study of an innovative technology to screen for atrial fibrillation in general practice Dr Davina Swan 2013

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