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18 July 2014 (updated: 24 April 2023)
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Current ICGP Publications

The full-text of the following current ICGP publications listed here are available by clicking on the title link to access via the Library Catalogue. Please note that some of these resources may require a login.

Click here for a listing of current quick reference guides.

April 2023 Glas Toolkit (Glas = Green in the Irish language) ICGP Sustainability Working Group
March 2023 Medical Student to General Practitioner: An urgent call to action - From the Association of University Departments of General Practice in Ireland and Irish College of General Practitioners AUDGPI & ICGP
December 2022 ICGP Submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health ICGP
November 2022 Navigating the Future for General Practice: Statement of Strategy 2023–2026 ICGP
October 2022 Shaping the Future: A discussion paper on the workforce & workload crisis in General Practice in Ireland ICGP Working Group on Workforce Planning
January 2022 ICGP Submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health ICGP
September 2021 ICGP Pre-Budget Submission 2022 ICGP
March 2021 ICGP GP Training Handbook (4th Ed) ICGP
December 2020 Joint Committee of the Oireachtas on Health Sub-Committee on Mental Health and the Impact of COVID on Society and on People's Wellbeing: Access and continuity of care at community and voluntary/primary care: ICGP Opening Statement Dr. Brian Osborne, Dr. Diarmuid Quinlan.
October 2020 ICGP Pre-Budget Submission 2021 ICGP
May 2020  Practice Operations and Workload Prioritisation during COVID-19: A Discussion and Guidance Document for GPs and Practice Staff Dr. Joe Gallagher, Dr. Mark O'Kelly, Dr. David Hanlon, Dr. Mary Favier, Dr. John O'Brien, Mr Fintan Foy
April 2020 General Practice and Residential Care Facilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic ICGP Nursing and Care Home Special Interest Group
January 2020 IT Security for Irish General Practice National GPIT Group
November 2019 ICGP Opening Statement to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Key Issues Affecting the Traveller Community ICGP
October 2019 ICGP Submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Key Issues Affecting the Traveller Community ICGP
September 2019 "Finding a Future Path": Career Intentions of GP Trainees and Recent GP Graduates - Report of the 2019 Survey Claire Collins, Karena Hanley, Conor Hammersley, Gillian Doran and Fintan Foy
September 2019 ICGP Pre-Budget Submission 2020 ICGP
August 2019 ICGP Response to the Preparedness for Climate Change in the Health Sector Public Consultation Dr. Andree Rochfort, Dr. Tony Cox
January 2019 Interim Clinical Support for Termination of Pregnancy in General Practice ICGP
October 2018 20 years of the Methadone Treatment Protocol in Ireland ICGP
September 2018 Opening Statement by the Irish College of General Practitioners to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health Care relating to the provision of Termination of Pregnancy Clinical Care Pathway Guidelines ICGP
March 2018 ICGP Submission to the Joint Committee on Health on Prescribing Pattern Monitoring and the Audit of Usage and Effectiveness Trends for Prescribed Medications Dr. Mark Murphy, Dr. Brian Osborne, Dr. Ide Delargy and Dr. John O'Brien
February 2018 Future career intentions of recent GP graduates in Ireland: a trend analysis study. Ivana Pericin, Gerard Mansfield, James Larkin and Claire Collins
February 2018 Submission of the Irish College of General Practitioners to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on the Future of Mental Health Care regarding the use of medication and talk therapies in relation to mental health ICGP
December 2017 Submission of the Irish College of General Practitioners to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on the Future of Mental Health Care in relation to GP led primary care expansion: improving care for people with mental health needs ICGP
November 2017 Submission of the Irish College of General Practitioners to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health in Relation to Primary Care Expansion ICGP
October 2017 ICGP submission to the Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment ICGP
2017 Establishment of a GP-led Gynaecology clinic at the National Maternity Hospital: a service evaluation A Ni Riain, M Quinland, M Daly & R Mahony
October 2017 Is the face of Irish general practice changing? A survey of GP Trainees and recent GP graduates 2017 Mansfield, Gerard; Collins, Claire; Perecin, Ivana; Larkin, James; Foy, Fintan
September 2017 ICGP Pre-Budget Submission 2018 ICGP
May 2017  ICGP GP Training Handbook (3rd Ed) ICGP
February 2017 ICGP submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health: Manpower and General Practice ICGP
December 2016 Clinical Guidelines for Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) HSE; ICGP; College of Psychiatrists; the Pharmaceutical Society
August 2016 Minor Surgery Accreditation Research Project - Final Report Ni Riain, Ailis; Collins, Claire; ICGP
August 2016 ICGP Pre-Budget Submission 2017 ICGP
August 2016 ICGP Submission to the Committee on Future Healthcare: General Practice is key to sustainable healthcare ICGP
May 2016 Mental Health consultations in a General Practice Out of Hours Service - informing the future direction of services Claire Collins; Marie T.O'Shea; Pearse Finegan; John Cunniffe; Dorcas Collier; Margaret Curran; Michelle Kearns
April 2016 Domestic Violence During Pregnancy: GP Survey Report Marie T. O'Shea; Claire Collins; Ailis ni Riain; Miriam Daly
April 2016 Access to Diagnostics Used to Detect Cancer Marie T. O'Shea; Claire Collins; ICGP; Irish Cancer Society
April 2016 A survey of GP experience with the work of the National Cancer Control Programme and their views in relation to service priorities Marie T. O'Shea; Claire Collins; ICGP Research
March 2016 Structure of General Practice in Ireland 1982-2015 Mark O'Kelly; Conor Teljeur; Fergus O'Kelly; Aisling Ni Shuilleabhain; Tom O'Dowd; ICGP; Trinity College Dublin
2016 ICGP Research and Audit Conference Abstracts 2015 Claire Collins; ICGP Research
November 2015 Beyond 2020 - Statement of Strategy 2016-2021 ICGP
November 2015 Transition: Retirement Planning for the General Practitioner [Members Only] Brendan Lee; Olivia Muldoon; Dermot Folan
November 2015 The Future of Irish General Practice: ICGP Member Survey 2015 Claire Collins; Margaret O'Riordan
November 2015 General Practice Research in 2014 Claire Collins; ICGP Research
October 2015 Bridging the Gap - How GP Trainees and recent graduates identify themselves as the future Irish general practice workforce Gerard Mansfield; Claire Collins; Margaret O'Riordan; Kieran Ryan
October 2015 ICGP Pre-Budget Submission ICGP
October 2015 Irish General Practice: Working with Deprivation Brian Osborne
September 2015 ICGP vision for the future of Irish Rural General Practice Margaret O'Riordan
November 2014 Quality Improvement Award Winners 2007-2014 Patrick O'Donnell (Ed); ICGP Quality in Practice Committee
September 2014 Planning for the Future Irish General Practitioner Workforce Claire Collins; Gerard Mansfield; Darach O'Ciardha; Kieran Ryan
September 2014 Signposts to Success: a handbook for the establishing General Practitioner (2nd Ed) [Members Only] Peter Sloane
2014 A picture of general practice research in Ireland 2012-2013 through research and audit activity ICGP Research
May 2013 Access to Diagnostics: a key enabler for a primary care led health service Margaret O'Riordan; Claire Collins; Gillian Doran
May 2013 Submission from the Irish College of General Practitioners to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health and Children on the General Scheme of the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill 2013 Margaret O'Riordan; Mary Sheehan; Seamus Cryan; Bill Shannon
February 2012 A picture of general practice research in Ireland 2010-2011 - Through research and audit activity ICGP Research and Library Services
2012 National Survey of GP Trainees 2012 Mark O'Kelly; Fergus O'Kelly; Darach O'Ciardha; ICGP; Trinity College Dublin
2012 ICGP Guidance Document for GPs on National Referral Form to Secondary Care John MacCarthy; ICGP; GPIT
2012 Prevention of Alcohol Related Problems in Ireland - ICGP Position Paper Pearse Finegan; Margaret O'Riordan; ICGP
October 2011 Primary Care Teams: a GP perspective Margaret O'Riordan; ICGP
May 2011 Audit Toolkit & Short Guide to Audit Claire Collins; ICGP Professional Competence Audit Sub-Committee
April 2011 A Guide to the Data Protection Legislation for Irish General Practice Brian Meade; Brian O'Mahony; Anne Lynnott; Gary Davis; Ciara O'Sullivan; Dermot Folan; Margaret Cunnane; ICGP Data Protection Working Group; GPIT
2011 Guide for Smeartakers (2nd Ed) ICGP Women's Health Programme; CervicalCheck; National Cancer Screening Service
August 2009 Breastcheck GP Educational Pack (4th Edition) Ailis ni Riain; Claire McNicholas; ICGP Women's Health Programme
2009 ICGP 25th Anniversary publication: celebrating 25 years 1984-2009 ICGP; MedMedia
May 2008 Domestic Violence: Tutor Teaching Pack [Members Only] Naoimh Kenny; ICGP Women's Health Programme
May 2008 Evaluation of the GP Direct Access DXA Scanning Service: HSE Dublin mid-Leinster Primary Care Rosina Ghuffar; Catherine Vahey; Ailis ni Riain; ICGP; Commissioned by the HSE - Primary Care
May 2008 The Young People's Project: Report on Phase 1: Providing Sexual Health Services to Young People in an Accessible and Effective Way Ailis ni Riain; Maeve Mulvehill; ICGP; HSE
January 2008 No Data No Business: General Practice Information Communication Technology (ICT) Security Guidelines GPIT
January 2008 ICGP Strategic Plan 2008-2013: a discussion document ICGP
January 2008 Working with Opiate users in Community Based Primary Care [Members Only] ICGP Substance Misuse Programme
2008 National Census of Irish General Practice Training Programme Graduates 1997-2003 Fergus O'Kelly; Mark O'Kelly; Aisling Ni Shuilleabhain; Tom O'Dowd; ICGP; Trinity College Dublin
January 2007 Managing Occupational Health and Safety in General Practice (2nd Edition) [Members Only] Andree Rochfort
September 2006 The Practice Nurse: A Guide to Nursing in General Practice  [Members Only]   ICGP Management in Practice Programme
January 2006 Guidelines for the Management of Depression and Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care Mimi Copty; ICGP; HSE



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