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Dr Noirin O'Herlihy
QIP Project Officer
Email: qip@icgp.ie

The ICGP Quality in Practice (QIP) Committee, together with authors, produce clinical and non-clinical guidelines on topics of relevance to general practice.
If you would like to suggest a topic for a guideline or are interested in writing a guideline, please email Dr Noirin O'Herlihy, QIP Project Officer - qip@icgp.ie.

Quick reference guides

Field Topic
CV medicine

Anticoagulation (2014)
CV disease (2016)
CV risk in sport (2014)

Dermatology Acne management (2016)
Endocrinology Diabetes type 2 (2016)
Gestational diabetes (2015)
TFTS (2016)
GI medicine Hereditary hemochromatosis (2013)
Coeliac disease (2015)
GU medicine

Chronic kidney disease (2016)
Prostate cancer (2011)

Neurology Dementia (2014)
Epilepsy and women (2016)
Epilepsy (general)
Respiratory Asthma (2013)
COPD (2012)
Paediatrics Antipyretic prescribing (2013)
Febrile convulsions (2016)
Paediatric algorithms (2016)
Weight management (2014)
Practice management Repeat prescribing (2013)
Psychiatry Child and adolescent mental health (2016)
Depression (2016)
Psychosis (2016)
Sexual health Crisis pregnancy (2014)
Other Alcohol problems (2014)
Communicating risk (2014)
Domestic violence (2014)
Drugs and doping In sport (2015)
Lesbian, gay and bisexual patient care (2013)
Weight management (2014)

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Field Topic
Obs and gynae
Sexual Health
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Acne Management in Primary Care

Author: Dr Johnny Loughnane
Year: 2016 » read more

Anticoagulation in General Practice/Primary Care: Quick Reference Guide

Author: Kildea-Shine, Philippa Dr.; O'Riordan, Margaret Dr.;ICGP Quality in Practice Committee
Year: 2014 » read more

Antipyretic Prescribing

Author: Mooney, Shonagh Dr.; ICGP Quality in Practice Committee
Year: 2013 » read more

Asthma Control in General Practice Quick Reference Guide (2013)

Author: Holohan, Jean Dr.; Manning, Pat Dr.; Nolan, Dermot Dr.;ICGP Quality in Practice Committee; Asthma Society of Ireland; National Asthma Programme; HSE.
Year: 2013 » read more

COPD Management Quick Reference Guide

Author: Owens, M,; McCarthy, T. and O'Connor, M.; ICGP Quality in Practice Committee; Irish Thoracic Society
Year: 2009 » read more

Cardiovascular Disease: Prevention in General Practice

Author: Dr John Cox and Professor Ian Graham
Year: 2016 » read more

Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Diagnosis & Management

Author: O'Keeffe, Nikki Dr.; Gavin, Blanaid Dr.; Cullen, Walter Prof.; McNicholas, Fiona Prof.; ICGP Quality in Practice Committee
Year: 2013 » read more

Chronic Kidney Disease: Diagnosis and Management in Primary Care

Author: Dr Liam Glynn
Year: 2016 » read more

Communicating Risk to Patients Quick Reference Guide

Author: O'Shea, Eamonn Dr; ICGP Quality in Practice Committee
Year: 2014 » read more

Crisis pregnancy: a management guide for general practice

Author: Ni Riain, Ailis; Daly, Miriam; Ryan, Sonya; Murphy, Mark;ICGP Quality in Practice Committee;HSE; Crisis Pregnancy Programme
Year: 2014 » read more

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