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Notification from MSD about Sinemat Products

MSD have notified doctors of a shortage in supply of two of their Sinemet products. Sinemet is the drug that is most widely used in the management of Parkinson's Disease. » read more

HPSC Alert: Salmonella cases among Irish residents returning from Medjugorje, Bosnia Herzegovina

We are alerting you to the possibility of additional cases presenting to General Practice. » read more

WHO update on measles in European region as of May 2018

WHO update on measles in European region as of May 2018
In the first three months of 2018, 18 329 measles cases have been reported in 36 countries of the WHO European Region, including 23 measles-related deaths in 7 countries. » read more

Imported Measles Outbreak in Midwest

The measles outbreak in the midwest (index case imported) has continued to spread within the Midwest community (particularly Limerick and adjacent areas). » read more

Risk of measles transmission in the EU/EEA- 2018

This report is of particular relevance to us, as the ongoing measles outbreak in Limerick region in 2018 has been linked to importation, and the outbreaks reported in the East and North east in 2017 (source not identified), spread rapidly amongst non-incompletely vaccinated children and adults- similar to the picture being seen in Europe. » read more

Ribena reformulation - Important changes for healthcare professionals

From February 2018, new Ribena Blackcurrant formulations will start appearing on shelves and for a time new and old formula may be present at the same time. » read more

CPE – A Public Health Emergency

What does this mean for general practitioners? » read more

HPRA concerns about patients sourcing PrEP meds online

Dr Fiona Lyons, National Clinical Lead for Sexual Health, has highlighted concerns expressed by the HPRA about patients sourcing Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medicines online and made recommendations for GPs. » read more

New Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2017 – Advice for GP prescribing

The most significant effect of the new regulations is in relation to benzodiazepines and z-drugs. » read more

Continuing vigilance for invasive infection caused by Mycobacterium chimaera in patients with a history of open heart surgery

Mycobacterium chimaera is a slow-growing, environmental non-tuberculosis mycobacterium (NTM). » read more

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