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Help Sheets

27 May 2011 (updated: 14 February 2023)
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The ICGP Library has developed a series of help sheets on a range of information topics that you may find useful including:

1. Understanding Clinical Guidelines

2. How to Reference

3. How to Search

4. Keeping Up to Date

5. Evaluating Information

6. Understanding Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)

The following information may also be helpful:

GP Data Sources

We also have the following user guides available:

The following articles relating to the library were published in Forum throughout the years:

January/February 2023: Evidence-based medicine: the benefits of point-of-care tools

September 2021: e-learning: Navigating the vast seas of information

December 2020: Infodemic in a pandemic: critical thinking needed

December 2018: Knowing your library

September 2017: Finding your way around the ICGP library catalogue 

July/August 2016: LENUS (Irish Health Repository): a cornucopia of health information.

January 2015: Getting the most out of the ICGP online journals.

January 2012: A guide to careful and correct referencing.

June 2012: ICGP online information skills module: sorting through a world of information.

August 2012: Insight: The rapidly changing world of the ICGP library

September 2012: New developments in College library service.

November 2012: Online journal access available for members.

February 2007: ICGP Library and Information Service: A wealth of information is just a click away.

July 2007: ICGP's Online Library Catalogue: Going online for a very valuable resource.

November 2007: Spot the difference - finding the right tool: Searching for information on the world wide web.

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