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GP Data Sources

20 August 2021 (updated: 14 February 2024)
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The following is a listing of links to freely available, useful reports, news stories, articles and websites on GP Data sources for reference purposes. It may be useful for researchers looking to compile statistics on general practice.


Terms of Reference for a Strategic Review of General Practice (Department of Health, April 2023)

Shaping the Future: a discussion paper on the workforce & workload crisis in General Practice in Ireland (ICGP Working Group on Workforce Planning, 2022)

Structure of General Practice in Ireland 1982 – 2015 (TCD & ICGP, 2016)

Structure of General Practice in Ireland 1982-2005 (TCD & ICGP, 2006)

Changes in the structure of Irish General Practice over the past decade: 1982-1992 (ICGP, 1994)

Health Service Capacity Review 2018: Review of Health Demand and Capacity Requirements in Ireland to 2031 (Department of Health, 2018)

Slaintecare Report (Committee on the Future of Healthcare, May 2017)

Medical workforce planning: Future Demand for GPs 2015 - 2025 (HSE, 2015)

Competition in Professional Services: General Medical Practitioners (The Competition Authority, 2010)

National Survey of General Practice: Final Report (ICGP, 2000)

Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Programme:

First Report of the Structured Chronic Disease Management Programme in General Practice (HSE, March 2022)

The Second Report of the Structured Chronic Disease Management Treatment Programme in General Practice (HSE, March 2023)

GP Training:

Annual Medical Retention Report (NDTP, 2024)

Medical Student to General Practitioner: An urgent call to action - From the Association of University Departments of General Practice in Ireland and Irish College of General Practitioners (AUDGPI/ICGP, 2023)

A National Census of Irish General Practice Training Programme Graduates 1997 – 2003 (TCD & ICGP, 2008)


Extending eligibility for general practitioner care in Ireland: cost implications (ESRI Research Series, Jan 2023)

An Analysis of the Primary Care Systems of Ireland and Northern Ireland (ESRI, Connolly et al. March 2022)

Projections of Expenditure for Primary, Community and Long-term Care in Ireland, 2019-2035, based on the Hippocrates Model (ESRI, Walsh et al. July 2021)

Geographic Profile of Healthcare Needs and Non-acute Healthcare Supply in Ireland (ESRI, Smith et al. July 2019)

Projections of Demand for Healthcare in Ireland, 2015-2030: First Report from the Hippocrates Model (ESRI, Wren et al. October 2017)

Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service (IGEES):

Spending Review 2022: An Analysis of Medical Workforce Supply (Research Services & Policy Unit, Department of Health; Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service, March 2023)

Staff Paper 2016: Primary Care (Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, July 2016)

Staff Paper 2015: Medical Workforce Analysis: Ireland and the European Union compared (Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, 2015)


Forum May 2023 GP Workforce: Mike O'Callaghan says using data to promote the development of general practice has never been more important

Forum April 2023 Membership Survey: Helen McVeigh reviews the results of the recent College membership survey

Forum March 2022 Insight: Claire Collins examines the findings from the latest ICGP member survey

Forum June 2021 Research: Claire Collins presents the latest profile of the Irish GP workforce

Forum January/February 2020 Feature: A key challenge in the next three years will be finding ways of training an extra 300 GPs annually, writes Claire Collins

Murphy AW, Moran D, Smith SM, Wallace E, Glynn L et al. Supporting Medical Students Towards Future Careers in General Practice: A Quantitative Study of Irish Medical Schools. IMJ 2022 October; 115 (9): 671.

Collins, C., Homeniuk, R. How many general practice consultations occur in Ireland annually? Cross-sectional data from a survey of general practices. BMC Fam Pract 22, 40 (2021).

Homeniuk R, Collins C. How COVID-19 has affected general practice consultations and income: general practitioner cross-sectional population survey evidence from Ireland. BMJ Open 2021;11:e044685. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2020-044685

Say R, Collins J, Holmes K, Lucey J, Murphy S et al. A study of GP workload and satisfaction. IMJ 2021 July/August; 114 (7): 404.

Bury G, Twomey L, Egan M. General practice nursing: the views and experience of practice nurses and GPs in one county. Ir J Med Sci. 2021 Feb;190(1):193-196. doi: 10.1007/s11845-020-02265-9. Epub 2020 May 28. PMID: 32462492.

Crosbie B, O'Callaghan ME, O'Flanagan S, Brennan D, Keane G, Behan W. A real-time measurement of general practice workload in the Republic of Ireland: a prospective study. Br J Gen Pract. 2020 Jun 25;70(696):e489-e496. doi: 10.3399/bjgp20X710429. PMID: 32482628; PMCID: PMC7274543.

Pierse T, Barry L, Glynn L, Quinlan D, Murphy A, O'Neill C. A pilot study of the duration of GP consultations in Ireland. Pilot Feasibility Stud. 2019 Dec 1;5:142. doi: 10.1186/s40814-019-0532-4. PMID: 31819804; PMCID: PMC6886172.

Molony D, Beame C, Behan W, Crowley J, Dennehy T, Quinlan M, Cullen W. 70,489 primary care encounters: retrospective analysis of morbidity at a primary care centre in Ireland. Ir J Med Sci. 2016 Nov;185(4):805-811. doi: 10.1007/s11845-015-1367-5. Epub 2015 Nov 19. PMID: 26584550.

Murphy M, Brodie G, Byrne S, Bradley C. An observational study of public and private general practitioner consultations in the Republic of Ireland. Ir J Med Sci. 2015 Mar;184(1):147-52. doi: 10.1007/s11845-014-1078-3. Epub 2014 Feb 20. PMID: 24554205.

Teljeur C, Tyrrell E, Kelly A, O'Dowd T, Thomas S. Getting a handle on the general practice workforce in Ireland. Ir J Med Sci. 2014 Jun;183(2):207-13. doi: 10.1007/s11845-013-0991-1. Epub 2013 Jul 31. PMID: 23900944. 

Behan W, Molony D, Beamer C, Cullen W. Are Irish adult general practice consultation rates as low as official records suggest? A cross sectional study at six general practices. Ir Med J. 2013 Nov-Dec;106(10):297-9. PMID: 24579407.

Coyle E, Hanley K, Sheerin J. Who goes where? A prospective study of referral patterns within a newly established primary care team. Ir J Med Sci. 2011 Dec;180(4):845-9. doi: 10.1007/s11845-011-0724-2. Epub 2011 Jun 12. PMID: 21667328.

Nugent A, Black N, Parsons B, Smith S, Murphy AW. A national census of Irish general practice training programme graduates 1990-1996. Ir Med J. 2003 Jan;96(1):10-2. PMID: 12617435.

Gabhainn SN, Murphy AW, Kelleher C. A national general practice census: characteristics of rural general practices. Fam Pract. 2001 Dec;18(6):622-6. doi: 10.1093/fampra/18.6.622. PMID: 11739350.


Call to get more doctors to work in general practice (RTE News, 4th Mar 2023)

Doctors call for urgent action to tackle GP shortages (Irish Examiner, 4th Mar 2023)

Thousands more GPs needed in Ireland to deal with 'workforce crisis' (Dublin Live, 13th Jan 2023)

Extra 120 GPs needed to extend free care to children aged seven and eight, conference told: Call for 40 per cent more GPs to fix 'massive workforce crisis' (Irish Times, 13th October 2022)

Rural GP Shortage: avoiding the abyss (Irish Farmers Journal, 28th September 2022)

The 'workhorses' of the health service: How Ireland's GPs are under increasing pressure right now (, 11th May 2022)

Patients face entirely new model of GP care post-Covid: but where are all the GPs? (Irish Examiner, 10th Oct 2021)

One in 10 rural GPs work late hours (Irish Medical Times, 2nd June 2020)

FactCheck: Are there 1,000 more GPs in Ireland than five years ago? (The, Jan 21st 2020)

Breakdown: Average number of public patients per GPs across the country (The, April 22nd 2018) 


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