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Dr Mary Davin Power
Faculty Liaison Officer

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Dr Mary Davin-Power was appointed the position of ICGP faculty liaison officer in 2014.

Dr Davin-Power is responsible for providing information and support to ICGP faculties and faculty officers countrywide.

An early goal is to encourage new GPs to connect with each other and with their faculty, and to make the faculty relevant, accessible and interesting to them. At the other end of the spectrum, support is provided to members later in their careers to encourage them to remain connected to the College. A priority is to establish a firm faculty identity and loyalty amongst members.

This role provides a firmer structure of communication between the faculties, their officers and the College, and gives support to faculty officers regarding issues at the coalface. It also helps to communicate College news and information about educational and other services of benefit to members.

A particular goal is to provide a forum for the faculty officers countrywide to meet and exchange information, provide and receive mutual support, and to receive acknowledgement from the College for the excellent work that they do.

Dr Davin-Power is a GP in North Dublin, CME tutor and clinical tutor on the RCSI Graduate Entry Programme. She also acts as a GP advisor to Medisec Ireland Ltd. She can be contacted regarding any faculty issues at