Routes to Membership

How do I Become a Member of the ICGP?

  1. Membership by Examination (MICGP)
  2. Faculty of Military Medicine
  3. Membership by Equivalent Qualification  
  4. Associates of the College: GP Trainees

Membership Benefits

You will have access to your local faculty activities and continuing education network. College services include:

  • Advice and publications
  • Courses on immediate care, palliative care, minor surgery skills, medico-legal skills, drug treatment, GP refresher course, computerisation in general practice and therapeutics
  • Continuing medical education: participation in your local CME group
  • GP research
  • Educational meetings organised by your local faculty and the college centrally, including the AGM and annual winter meeting
  • Access to the ICGP library, document search facilities and restricted pages of the ICGP website