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PCS Committee Terms of Reference


The purpose of the Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) Committee is to provide strategic direction and leadership to ensure that the ICGP PCS for General Practitioners operates in compliance with the arrangements with the Medical Council of Ireland. Using clear management, effective decision making and governance frameworks, the committee ensures that PCS measures support GPs in complying with the Scheme appropriately within their scope of practice.

Roles and Responsibilities

With reference to the ICGP arrangement with the Medical Council of Ireland, the Committee's role is to oversee the Professional Competence Scheme for General Practitioners on behalf of the Quality, Safety and Standards Committee and ultimately the Board of ICGP.

Committee Chair responsibilities include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Prepare background work to facilitate ongoing discussion and constructive feedback
  • Chair the meetings with fairness and encourage input from all members
  • Bring discussions to a conclusion in a manner that empowers collective decision making

Committee members' responsibilities include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Working together to achieve the committee's purpose
  • Supporting the Chair by offering sound and trusted advice
  • Maintaining confidentiality; acting thoughtfully; delivering on time
  • Soliciting, collating and acting on feedback from enrolees and other stakeholders to enhance PCS for all enrolees
  • Reviewing level of compliance with PCS and exploring ways to improve it
  • Preparing submissions for reports
  • Reviewing summary reports on CPD activity that map to the lifelong learning needs of enrolees and advising on improvement suggestions
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation, regulations and standards

The Committee will carry out its responsibilities by oversight as well as through work on relevant external groups, for example The Forum of Postgraduate Training Bodies Sub Committee on the Professional Competence Schemes.


The committee aspires to ensure a diversity of representation with particular reference to geographic spread, gender and experience.

  • Chair: must be a member of ICGP in good standing, a member of the ICGP PCS and in active practice as a GP for a minimum of 4 sessions per week (Dr Evelyn McManus)
  • Representatives to include the following:


o Network of Establishing GPs (NEGS)

o European Academy of Teachers in General Practice / Family Medicine (EURACT)

o Three members from Council / Faculty

  • CME Leadership representative
  • Assistant Medical Director (currently Dr Brian Osborne)
  • Ex officio members who attend as deemed appropriate: Director of Education; Director of Research
  • In attendance: PCS Manager; Director Strategic Development and Standards

A quorum of seven members is required for a meeting to proceed.

With discretion, the Committee can invite external expertise, including patient representation, to attend or address specific topics on an as-needed basis.

Term of Office

Committee members serve one three-year term and can be reappointed to serve a second consecutive term after which time, the member rotates off the committee. To retain appropriate levels of committee-specific expertise, care is taken to avoid all members rotating off the committee at the same time. Changes in membership occur at the beginning of the academic year in July.

Accountability and Reporting Relationships

The PCS Committee reports to the Quality, Safety and Standards Committee which, in turn, reports to the ICGP Board.

Frequency of Meetings and Agenda

At least five meetings per year – in September, November, January, March and June. Meetings can be in person or by teleconference or video conference.

The standing items on the agenda include the following:

  • Declaration regarding potential conflicts of interest
  • Matters arising from previous meeting minutes

Committee members and administrators use the designated secure area of the website to access and comment on committee documentation.


Minutes from each meeting are prepared, approved and disseminated as soon as possible after each meeting and no later than fifteen business days after the meeting. Committee reports are submitted in advance of each meeting, preferably within five working days. Specific reports may be disseminated to appropriate audiences as required.


The committee performance and that of individual members is gauged using metrics such as percentage of attendance; achievement of roles and responsibilities; review of committee effectiveness; how well the committee and individual members feel they are performing their role.

Administrative Support

A member of ICGP staff provides administrative support to the PCS Committee. This staff member is responsible for arranging meeting logistics; circulating agenda, schedule, pre-meeting papers; documenting minutes and disseminating approved minutes within the agreed timeframe of the meeting being held.

Approval and Review Date 

These terms of reference are subject to an annual review.