Clinical Audit Toolkit

2 guides on clinical audit are available to download below:

  1. ICGP Audit Toolkit
  2. ICGP Short Guide to Audit
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Am I doing my audit correctly?

It is evident that GPs are investing a lot of time and effort into undertaking an audit, sometimes under challenging circumstances or where little opportunity for audit appears to exist. » read more

Are there any other ways I could conduct an audit?

Yes, all of the ICGP elearning modules will have specific advice incorporated into the module advising how you could carry out an audit based on the topic covered in the module. » read more

Are there any tools to help me undertake my audit?

We get many calls from anxious GPs in relation to conducting their annual audit. Firstly, the advice from this end is not to panic. A clinical audit is basically taking a standard and comparing your current practice against that standard. » read more

Can I re-audit the same topic the following year?

No specific guidance has been given on this by the Medical Council. However, it is likely that in the event of scrutiny of compliance with the requirements of professional competence, you should be able to demonstrate that you have measured your audit activity against a reasonably up-to-date guideline or protocol. » read more

Can I record practice meetings about our clinical audit for internal credits?

In general, no. You should not be double recording any activities for professional competence » read more

Credits for audit: Clarification

Q. Can I record credits for completing an audit? » read more

Do I need to engage in clinical audit?

All registered medical practitioners must be actively engaged in clinical audit and at a minimum participate in one audit exercise annually that relates directly to their practice. » read more

Do ‘processes’ have to be excluded from the audit?

In some audits, it will be necessary or preferable to include some process elements so these do not have to be excluded; however, the entire audit cannot be based around processes for the purpose of fulfilling your professional competence requirements. » read more

Does the audit have to be conducted over the full year or can it be carried out over a shorter period?

The Medical Council has recommended 12 hours in the year as a guidance, however, it is not specified that it must be prolonged over the year and depending on the topic chosen may be done over a condensed period » read more

How can a clinical teacher carry out a clinical audit?

Please see attached document for an example of how you could carry out peer observations for your clinical audit. » read more

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