Clinical Audit Toolkit

2 guides on clinical audit are available to download below:

  1. ICGP Audit Toolkit
  2. ICGP Short Guide to Audit
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Audit sub-committee: What does it do?

Q. What work does the ICGP PCS audit sub-committee do? » read more

Audit: A systematic review of patient care

Q. Am I doing my audit correctly? » read more

Audit: Including all the elements

Q. Am I doing my audit correctly? » read more

Audit: Many shapes and sizes

Q. My audit lasted the whole year – when should I record it? » read more

Audit: Should reflect your role

Q. Practice audits: Can they be non-clinical? » read more

Audits: Other options

Q. I have already completed a lot of the suggested audits. Are there any other suggestions for these? » read more

Can I re-audit the same topic the following year?

No specific guidance has been given on this by the Medical Council. However it is likely that in the event of scrutiny of compliance with the requirements of professional competence, you should be able to demonstrate that you have measured your audit activity against a reasonably up- to- date guideline or protocol. » read more

Can I record practice meetings about our clinical audit for internal credits?

In general, no. » read more

Can all GPs in the practice conduct one audit?

Again no specific guidance has been provided in this regard, however, until further advised, this would seem acceptable once all GPs are actively engaged in the process and fulfill their individual time requirements. » read more

Clinical Audit: Help!

Q. I'm just so confused about clinical audit. What do I do? » read more

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