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08 April 2013
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Q. Practice audits: can they be non-clinical?

A. Practice audits do not have to be clinically focused but can be a quality improvement exercise applying the principles of audit. The audit should reflect your practice, which means your work and how you practice, the patients you see or the non-clinical role you are involved in, eg. educator, mentor or board member. If you work part-time in a clinical role and part-time as an educator, you can audit either of these work practices. However, you should ensure that all your audits do not concentrate on one aspect only. Likewise, if you don't see patients at all, then your audit should reflect the work that you are involved in, eg. educator, medico-legal, researcher, etc. Even if you are in full-time clinical practice you can undertake an audit of your data management processes.

Read through the audit toolkit or take a look at the sample audits on the ICGP website as these will assist you in understanding the principles of audit and make adaptation easier. Please send an email to or give us a call 01 676 3705 if you have any questions.