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I am practising but not in a typical role, for example, involved in health screening/coroner, etc.

Audit is a quality improvement exercise and involves reflection on your practice - whatever that constitutes. » read more

I am retired but would like to remain on the register and fulfill by professional competence but I do not see patients. How will it be possible for me to conduct audit?

The Medical Council have agreed to consider this issue further. However, they have stated that the practitioner should audit their own clinical activity whenever this is undertaken, even if only for short periods during the year. » read more

I have already completed a lot of the suggested audits. Are there any other suggestions for these?

Yes, the ICGP has developed tools to enable doctors to complete HIQA's Safer Better Healthcare Standards and these include audit options, quality improvement plans and a patient satisfaction survey. » read more

I only work part-time/as a locum in different practices. How will it be possible for me to conduct audit?

This poses different challenges. In order to overcome the difficulty of having very few patients it may be necessary to undertake a number of re-audit cycles of a number of criteria. » read more

Is re-audit required?

Yes. Audit is about improvement. You should be changing or improving things as a result of your audit. » read more

My audit lasted the whole year โ€“ when should I record it?

The main aim of the audit is to test whether you are doing what you should be doing by comparing yourself to a guideline. » read more

Practice audits: can they be non-clinical?

Practice audits do not have to be clinically focused but can be a quality improvement exercise applying the principles of audit. » read more

Returning to practice: How do I catch up?

Doctors may need to take leave from practice for a number of reasons. This is understandable – life happens and achieving CPD is sometimes not feasible. » read more

Should I be concerned about confidentiality/data protection if I am asked to supply further details to the Medical Council?

The audit report or any information requested will not be such that it will compromise patient confidentiality as patients would not be identified in same. » read more

Should clinical audits include patient details?

No. None of the activity you include on your ePortfolio should include patient identifiers. Your clinical audit should only include de-identified patient data. » read more

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