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What are examples of acceptable Clinical Audit?

Clinical audit is recognised as having three elements: measurement, comparison and evaluation. » read more

What constitutes a clinical audit?

Audit is a quality improvement process that follows a systematic review and evaluation of activities against research-based standards. » read more

What is the difference between research and audit?

The purpose of audit is to act as a mechanism for you to reflect on your practice and to document improvements as a result. » read more

When should I start my audit?

We advise that you start your clinical audit as soon as possible into the PCS year. » read more

Where can I obtain a brief description of disease registers โ€“ requirements and set-up?

See "Clinical Disease Coding and Classification: An Overview for General Practitioners" » read more

Where can I obtain a brief guide to the classification systems available for coding diseases?

See "Clinical Disease Coding and Classification: An Overview for General Practitioners" in Appendix 2 of the ICGP Audit Toolkit. » read more

Where can I obtain instructions on how to search my practice management software system for patients with specific conditions or on particular medication?

The GPIT group have provided step-by-step instructions on how to carry out an audit using the GP practice management software systems. » read more

Where can we obtain guidance on how to do an audit and what is expected/required?

The ICGP have prepared an online ICGP Audit Toolkit which provides step-by-step instructions and sample audits. In addition, audit workshops are in progress during 2011. » read more

Would a group or national audit be acceptable?

You can engage in an audit with other GPs (e.g. other members of your practice, local colleagues) if you wish to do so. In this instance, all GPs taking part in the audit should be actively engaged in the process and should fulfil their individual time requirements (12 hours per annum). » read more

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