CPD Categories & Recording Credits

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Activity log: Viewing previous years

Q. How do I view a full list of all activity I recorded for previous years? » read more

Are pharmaceutical ‘dinner’ meetings eligible for points?

Just because a meeting is sponsored by a pharmaceutical doesn't mean that it won't qualify for professional competence points. However, the points will have to be approved prior to the meeting and the content of the meeting will have to be of sufficient quality to achieve approval. There will not be retrospective approval of meetings. » read more

Attending external CPD events

Q. I attended an event accredited by RCPI - can I record this as external CPD? » read more

Can I add attachments to activity already recorded?

Yes, you can still add attachments and additional information to entries you have already recorded in your ePortfolio and this will not affect your statement of participation. » read more

Can I claim preparation time for teaching, presenting and published articles?

Yes - credits for these activities for postgraduates can be claimed under the Research and Teaching category (5 Credits may be claimed for presentation or publication). » read more

Can I engage in the same professional competence activities for each PCS year?

Professional competence is intended as a flexible, self-directed and practice-based process and it is the responsibility of each GP to ensure that their activities reflect all aspects of their own practice. » read more

Can I record educational activity not recognised by a Postgraduate Medical Training Body as external CPD?

If you attend any course or event that has not been recognised for external CPD, it's up to you to justify that it is relevant to your maintenance of professional competence in the event that you are selected for an audit by the Medical Council. » read more

Can I record internal credits for participation at committee / board meetings?

Can I record internal credits for participation at committee / board meetings?
Yes, committee or board participation can be recorded for one credit per meeting, up to a maximum of six credits per professional competence scheme year. » read more

Compliance: Annual recording needed

Q. I thought compliance for professional competence was over a five-year cycle? » read more

Credit categories: External and internal

I am unsure which category certain activities fall under. » read more

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