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CPD Categories & Recording Credits

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Are pharmaceutical 'dinner' meetings eligible for points?

Just because a meeting is sponsored by a pharmaceutical doesn't mean that it won't qualify for professional competence points. » read more

Can I add attachments to activity already recorded?

Yes, you can still add attachments and additional information to entries you have already recorded in your ePortfolio and this will not affect your statement of participation. » read more

Can I engage in the same professional competence activities for each PCS year?

Professional competence is intended as a flexible, self-directed and practice-based process and it is the responsibility of each individual GP to ensure that their activities reflect all aspects of their own practice. » read more

Can I record recruitment of practice staff for internal credits?

Professional competence is about continuing professional development and maintaining and improving levels of competency. » read more

Can engaging in online forums be recorded for internal credits?

Internal CPD credits refer to the evaluation and development of your practice and, as with all aspects of the professional competence scheme, should reflect your scope of practice. » read more

How do I enter a CDPR code to my ePortfolio?

To enter the code please follow the steps below: » read more

How do I know if I have recorded sufficient activity?

If you have met the requirements for the PCS year, your dashboard will turn green. » read more

How do I record my CPD activity?

You can record your activity onto your ePortfolio by logging on to www.icgp.ie/pcs, selecting 'Access ePortfolio' and using the appropriate options on the menu on the left hand side of the page. » read more

How do I submit my PCS activities?

All activity should be added to your ePortfolio before the April 30 deadline. You do not have to have received the certificates for all events you have attended in order to add the activity to your ePortfolio. » read more

How do I view a full list of all activity I recorded for previous years?

In order to view a full list of everything you have recorded, you need to click on 'activity log'. » read more

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