CPD Categories & Recording Credits

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Activities recognised for CPD

Q. What kind of activities will be recognised for CPD? » read more

Activity log: Viewing previous years

Q. How do I view a full list of all activity I recorded for previous years? » read more

Adding attachments to already recorded activities

Q. Can I add attachments to activity already recorded? » read more

Attending external CPD events

Q. I attended an event accredited by RCPI - can I record this as external CPD? » read more

CDPR Codes

Q. I received a CPDR code at the ICGP Annual Conference and AGM. What is this? » read more

CPD-R Codes

Q. I have received a CPD-R Code from an event I attended during this year; can I still enter this? » read more

Claiming reparation time for teaching, presenting and published articles

Q. Can I claim preparation time for teaching, presenting and published articles? » read more

Credit categories: External and internal

I am unsure which category certain activities fall under. » read more

Deadline for recording CPD activity

Q. When is the last day for recording CPD activity for 2017/18? » read more

Eight domains: Good practice

Q. What are the eight domains of good professional practice? » read more

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