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CPD Categories & Recording Credits

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Can I view activity that I recorded for previous PCS years?

The ePortfolio retains activity for the current PCS year and the 5 years prior to that. » read more

Do I need to click a ‘submit’ button once I have added my CPD activity to my ePortfolio?

There is no 'submit' button on the ePortfolio. Once you add an item, it is automatically updated. » read more

How do I attach documents to my ePortfolio?

To attach a document to your ePortfolio when recording an activity, please follow the steps below » read more

How do I record my CPD activity?

You are encouraged to try to record any CPD activity in your ePortfolio as soon as you have completed it and not to leave recording until the last minute as this could be problematic – when the traffic on the system peaks, it becomes slower and can cause frustration for users. » read more

How long should I keep my certificates of attendance?

Certificates of attendance are the evidence required to support your recording of external CPD activity to your ePortfolio. You should keep all evidence to support your recorded activities, including certificates, for a minimum of 6 years (the current PCS year and the 5 previous). » read more

I have received an email notifying me of shortfalls. Can I still add activity to previous years on my ePortfolio?

Yes, you should add any additional CPD activity which you engaged in during the period where you had shortfalls. You can add or amend activities in your ePortfolio at any time, once you are enrolled on the current PCS year. » read more

What can I use my ePortfolio for?

You can use your ePortfolio to... » read more

What information should I record on my ePortfolio?

You will need to complete all fields marked with a red asterisk. In addition,for internal activity, you are required to enter a description with a minimum of 50 characters. » read more

What is required when recording internal CPD activity?

Internal CPD activity is about practice evaluation and development and encourages you to review and reflect on your own standards and practices. » read more

What is the CPDR Code and how do I add it to my ePortfolio?

This four-digit CPDR code is issued in place of a certificate of attendance and automatically updates your ePortfolio with credits and a personalised certificate for the event. » read more

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