15 October 2018
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How do I record my CPD activity?

You are encouraged to try to record any CPD activity in your ePortfolio as soon as you have completed it and not to leave recording until the last minute as this could be problematic – when the traffic on the system peaks, it becomes slower and can cause frustration for users.

The activity you record to your ePortfolio is used to create your annual Statement of Participation. Your Statement is a key document demonstrating your engagement with professional competence. The Medical Council may ask you to provide your Statement of Participation as proof of compliance with PCS requirements.

You can record your activity onto your ePortfolio by logging on to www.icgp.ie/pcs, selecting 'Access ePortfolio' and using the appropriate options on the menu on the left hand side of the page, for example:

Personal learning; Research and Teaching: select 'Add an Item' and fill in all fields accordingly.

Internal: select 'Add an Item', fill in the relevant fields and include a 50 character description of the activity

Audit: select 'Add Clinical Audit' and enter details accordingly. 

NB: remember to check the 'Audit completed' box on this page so that your audit will be included on your Statement of Participation.

ICGP external CPD activity: select 'Add CPDR Attendance Code' and enter the 4 digit code that will have been provided to you by the event organiser. This will update your ePortfolio with the event and you personalised certificate of attendance

Other external CPD activity: select 'Search recognised events', scroll through the list to find the relevant event and click 'Add to my ePortfolio'. 


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