CPD Categories & Recording Credits

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What is required when recording internal CPD activity?

Internal CPD activity is about practice evaluation and development and encourages you to review and reflect on your own standards and practices. » read more

What is the CPDR Code and how do I add it to my ePortfolio?

This four-digit CPDR code is issued in place of a certificate of attendance and automatically updates your ePortfolio with credits and a personalised certificate for the event. » read more

What should not be included on my ePortfolio?

Below is a list of things that should not be added to the ePortfolio » read more

When is the last day for recording CPD activity?

The last day for recording your professional competence activity for any PCS year is April 30. » read more

Where can I find guidelines for the ePortfolio?

You can find assistance and guidelines for using the ePortfolio here. » read more

Why can't I access my ePortfolio?

If you cannot access your ePortfolio, it may be that you have not yet enrolled on the current ICGP PCS year. » read more

Why is it so important to meet the April 30 deadline?

The deadline is set by the Medical Council based on the statutory requirements. » read more

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