Doctors in Different Working Circumstances

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Advice for doctors on leave

If you have been or will be on leave for a number of months, you should contact the ICGP as soon as possible. We can note this on your account and provide you with advice and support on how you might achieve the requirements. » read more

Advice for doctors returning to practice after a period of absence

Doctors may need to take leave from practice for a number of reasons. » read more

Are retired doctors required to engage in PCS?

All retired doctors who remain registered with the Medical Council and thus retain the right to practice medicine have a legal obligation to maintain competence. » read more

Are there special requirements for doctors who work in different roles?

There are no special requirements for doctors occupying several roles simultaneously. Once registered, a doctor has the right to practise medicine. » read more

Do doctors in part time work have reduced PCS requirements?

No. All doctors registered with the Medical Council should meet the annual PCS requirements, regardless of working status. » read more

Do doctors on maternity leave/sick leave have reduced PCS requirements?

Doctors who are on maternity leave or sick leave in excess of 3 months during a Professional Competence year should notify their training body. » read more

Does a doctor who has withdrawn from the IMC register need to maintain PCS?

No, only doctors registered with the Irish Medical Council should enrol on a Professional Competence Scheme (PCS). » read more

How can doctors who don’t see patients as part of their work fulfil their PCS requirements?

Not all doctors see patients. Doctors work in health and clinical service policy development and oversight roles, clinical leadership and management roles, medical advisory roles, medico-legal roles, education and training roles, and many more. » read more

How can retired GPs meet the audit and internal credit requirements?

At present, retired GPs are required to achieve the same CPD and audit requirements set down for all doctors, the ICGP are aware of the issues that can arise for doctors in this position and have developed a set of guidelines to assist retired GPs with meeting their requirements. » read more

If a doctor is on the specialist register but in fully academic work, can they fulfil the PCS requirements or will they be required to undertake a given minimum of patient contact/clinical work?

The underlying principle is that the PCS activities of an individual medical practitioner should be planned and should reflect and be relevant to his or her current and future profile of professional practice and performance. » read more

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