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15 October 2018
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Are there special requirements for doctors who work in different roles?

NB: Requirements for the 2021 2022 PCS year are 25 CPD credits and 1 clinical / practice audit. Please click here for more information. 

There are no special requirements for doctors occupying several roles simultaneously. Once registered, a doctor has the right to practice medicine. From the public perspective, the responsibility to maintain professional competence must apply to all doctors, regardless of their working arrangements.

Maintenance of professional competence is based on your day-to-day practice. You should enrol in a professional competence scheme, and engage in activities to maintain your competence, that reflects your day-to-day practice of medicine. Your area of day-to-day practice should be reflective of your registered specialty; if it is not, you should not represent yourself as being registered as having a specialty in that particular area. If you are registered in one or more specialties, but your practice is focussed on other areas of practice, you may wish to consider withdrawing voluntarily from the specialty (or specialties) which you do not actively practice.

Source: Medical Council