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15 October 2018
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I am retired, do I still have a requirement to engage in PCS?

NB: Requirements for the 2021 2022 PCS year are 25 CPD credits and 1 clinical / practice audit. Please click here for more information. 

Yes. All doctors registered with the Irish Medical Council retain the right to practice medicine and therefore have a legal obligation to maintain competence. Doctors retired from clinical practice who engage on behalf of Professional Bodies in mentoring, supervision of trainees, examining and other such activities that have direct impact on clinical activity should maintain their IMC registration.

If a doctor withdraws their name from the register voluntarily, they can retain the title of "Dr" and engage in college activities that have no direct impact on clinical activity such as fundraising etc.

If you are retired from active practice but wish to remain on the Medical Council register, please click here for assistance meeting your annual PCS requirements.

If you have removed your name from the Medical Council register, please email so that we can update your record accordingly.

Sources of information: Medical Council and ICGP PCS Department