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15 October 2018
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Moving abroad – what to do in relation to PCS?

If a doctor is moving abroad, they should contact the ICGP so that this can be noted on their record. If the doctor has been or intends to be practicing in Ireland for 30 days or more in a PCS year, they are still required to enrol on an Irish PCS and meet the requirements here. If they have not been/do not intend to be practicing for 30 days or more, they can enrol on an equivalent Scheme in the country they are moving to. In this instance, doctors are not required to enrol on an Irish Scheme. If a doctor is meeting the Scheme requirements in the country where they are based, then they will also be meeting the Irish Scheme requirements by virtue of mutual recognition. Full information on PCS requirements for doctors practicing abroad is available on the Medical Council website.

If you will be practising outside Ireland for several years, you may wish to consider voluntary withdrawal from the Medical Council register.