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24 May 2019
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I am a single-handed GP, how can I accrue internal credits?

NB: Requirements for the 2021 2022 PCS year are 25 CPD credits and 1 clinical / practice audit. Please click here for more information.  

While it is sometimes difficult for single-handed GPs to have internal practice meetings, any discussions you engage in with a pharmacist, counsellor, GP colleague or other health professional about patient care can still be recorded. This can include telephone discussions where relevant. Practice meetings with administration staff can also be recorded, as can any locum handover meetings.

You might also find it useful to get in touch with other single-handed GPs in your locality and set up a Clinical Club where you meet on a weekly or monthly basis to discuss cases. You could perhaps bring along and discuss a paper on some aspect pf primary care / general practice (e.g. ICGP Library Paper of The Month). Evidence to support this activity should include who the meeting/discussion was with, what date it took place, a brief summary of what was discussed and any reflections on practice as a result of the meeting.

You can find further information relating to internal credits here.