24 May 2019
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I am on leave from practice and find it difficult to engage in internal CPD. What activities could I record?

Some suggested internal CPD activities include:

  • CME Small Group: participation in a CME Small Group can be recorded for 2 internal and 2 external CPD credits
  • Case presentation: presenting particular patient scenarios as a way of informing others about approaches to care/treatment. This can be a two-way process and include feedback on care or treatment regimes
  • Clinical club: forming a club with other GP colleagues in your locality for regular clinical case discussions
  • Clinical risk meeting input: for example, where a GP/GP practice develop a plan to deal with seasonal epidemics (e.g. influenza)
  • Committee participation: the ICGP PCS committee has agreed that this can be recorded for 1 internal CPD credit per meeting (to a maximum of 6 per year)
  • Journal club: You may know of other doctors on leave and you could form a journal club to discuss how you might apply topics to practice. These discussions can also take place via Skype
  • Peer review group: where patient cases/issues/practice issues are presented to peers who provide comments and advice and suggest alternative approaches to care and treatment.
  • Professional Development Plan (PDP): please see www.icgp.ie/pdp for more details
  • Quality improvement process: review of an approach to care/treatment, etc. and implementation of outcomes

If you are on maternity leave, sick leave or compassionate leave from active practice in excess of 3 months during a Professional Competence year you should notify the ICGP PCS department on professionalcompetence@icgp.ie so that it can be noted on your Statement of Participation. For more information, please click here.

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