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Doctors in Different Working Circumstances

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I am returning to practice after a period of absence, what should I do for my CPD?

It is important that you engage with CPD on your return to practice. You could complete a Professional Development Plan to assist you with planning your learning needs and CPD for the PCS year, including meeting any shortfalls advised to you from previous PCS years. » read more

I completed my training scheme partway through a PCS year, what are my requirements?

You should enrol on a PCS within 30 days of completing your training scheme, as per the guidelines from the Medical Council. When you are enrolling, you will be asked to confirm the date that you completed your training. Your requirements for the year will be calculated from this date. » read more

I don’t see patients as part of my work, how do I fulfil my PCS requirements?

Not all doctors see patients. Some doctors work in health and clinical service policy development and oversight roles, clinical leadership and management roles, medical advisory roles, medico-legal roles, education and training roles, and many more. » read more

I have withdrawn from the Medical Council register, do I need to maintain PCS?

No, only doctors registered with the Irish Medical Council should enrol on a Professional Competence Scheme (PCS). » read more

If a doctor is on the specialist register but in fully academic work, can they fulfil the PCS requirements or will they be required to undertake a given minimum of patient contact/clinical work?

The underlying principle is that the PCS activities of an individual medical practitioner should be planned and should reflect and be relevant to his or her current and future profile of professional practice and performance. » read more

Moving abroad – what to do in relation to PCS?

If a doctor is moving abroad, they should contact the ICGP so that this can be noted on their record. If the doctor has been or intends to be practicing in Ireland for 30 days or more in a PCS year, they are still required to enrol on an Irish PCS and meet the requirements here. » read more

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