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Engaging in CPD Activity

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Can I engage in the same professional competence activities for each PCS year?

Professional competence is intended as a flexible, self-directed and practice-based process and it is the responsibility of each individual GP to ensure that their activities reflect all aspects of their own practice. » read more

Can I obtain external CPD credits from online learning?

Yes, you can record eLearning modules that have an assessment element and certificate of completion for external CPD credits. » read more

Can a doctor record external CPD activities which have not been recognised by a Postgraduate Training Body?

External CPD credits should predominantly come from activities recognised by a Medical Postgraduate Training Body or by a Third Level institution. » read more

Can committee participation be recorded for internal CPD credits?

Yes, the ICGP PCS committee has agreed that committee participation in the following activities can be recorded for 1 internal CPD credit per meeting (to a maximum of 6 per year) » read more

Can engagement with online Forums be recorded for internal CPD credits?

The ICGP PCS committee have agreed that this activity can be recorded to a maximum of 3 internal CPD credits per annum. » read more

Can pharmaceutical 'dinner' meetings be recognised for External CPD credits?

CPD Recognition is granted by the ICGP where the activity is deemed relevant to the scope of General practice » read more

How many external CPD credits can I record a diploma/masters course for?

You can record a postgraduate medical course for a maximum of 40 CPD credits per PCS year (1st May – 30th April). This was agreed by the PCS Committee as a fair reflection of the amount of time spent undertaking the course. » read more

I review the practice of others โ€“ can I record these hours for CPD?

These may be claimed at an equivalent level under Research and Teaching, however a medical practitioner's PCS activity must be balanced and mirror his/her clinical practice and activity and reflect his/her scope of practice across all domains of practice. » read more

What are internal credits?

Internal CPD credits relate to internal practice evaluation and development and all doctors are required to record a minimum of 20 internal CPD credits per PCS year. These can be recorded with 1 hour of activity = 1 CPD credit. » read more

What kind of activities are recognised for external CPD?

Educational activities that are recognised by Postgraduate Training Bodies will generate external CPD credits. » read more

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