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15 October 2018
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Can I engage in the same professional competence activities for each PCS year?

NB: Requirements for the 2023 2024 PCS year are 40 CPD credits and 1 clinical / practice audit.

Professional competence is intended as a flexible, self-directed and practice-based process and it is the responsibility of each individual GP to ensure that their activities reflect all aspects of their own practice. It is beneficial for you to engage in a variety of professional competence activities that allow you to reflect on and evaluate different elements of your practice from internal quality checks through to your communication with your patients and colleagues.

You should aim to reflect the 8 Domains of Good Professional Practice in your recorded CPD activity.

To assist you with planning your learning for the PCS year, the ICGP has created a Professional Development Plan (PDP) template which can be recorded for up to 8 internal CPD credits. To view the template and to find out more about how to record it, please visit