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Access to ePortfolio: Renew enrolment

Q. Can't access your ePortfolio? You'll need to renew your enrolment if you have not done so already. » read more

Annual PCS fee: Coverage

Q. What does the annual PCS fee cover? » read more

Are there different requirements for GPs on the specialist register, those on the general register and those who are trainees?

A. Trainees are on the training register and as such are considered to be fulfilling their requirements. » read more

Can you explain how a GP enrols and how the online system will work?

A. All members of the ICGP and doctors on the general practice specialist division of the register will be enrolled on the ICGP professional competence scheme (PCS) on application. » read more

Do I need to tell Medical Council that I have enrolled with a training body?

When you are completing your annual Retention of Registration form with the Medical Council, you will be asked to give the name of the Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) on which you are enrolled and the date on which you paid your enrolment fee for that year. » read more

Enrolling for 2016/17 PCS year

Q. When can I renew for the 2016/17 PCS year? » read more

Finished training: Enrol on PCS

I have just finished my training scheme. What do I need to do for PCS? » read more

How do I demonstrate proof of enrolment on the current year of the ICGP Professional Competence Scheme?

Your proof of enrolment on the current year of the scheme is your receipt, which is available to download from your ePortfolio. » read more

How do I enrol on the 2017/18 PCS?

You can renew your enrolment by logging into your ePortfolio and clicking on the 'Renew your Enrolment' link. » read more

How is the ICGP involved?

A. The ICGP is required by the Medical Council to enrol and support registered medical practitioners enrolled with the ICGP scheme. » read more

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