15 October 2018
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What is the ICGP Verification Process?

The ICGP is required by the Medical Council to verify the activity recorded by a random sample of 3% of enrolees on an annual basis. This sampling is completed by the ICGP's Director of Research who has no knowledge of PCS enrollees or their engagement with the ICGP on any issues. This is a supportive process to help enrolees identify where they may have gaps in their evidence or if they have recorded an activity incorrectly. Aggregated data is reported to the Medical Council in our annual reports.

During the verification process the ICGP will be looking to see that the doctor has:

  • The minimum number of CPD credits recorded to their ePortfolio
  • Completed a clinical/practice audit and recorded same
  • Evidence to support the recorded activity

All doctors selected for verification will be notified 4 weeks in advance by letter and/or email to allow them time to ensure their professional competence portfolio records are up to date.

If you are selected, please remember that there are advantages. You can find out if you have been recording activity correctly and if you have been providing appropriate evidence so that you can make any necessary changes. Also, if you are successfully verified, you will be removed from the selection pool for the following two years. Please see the Step-by-Step Guide to Verification located here.

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