Special Circumstances

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Absence from practice: What to do?

Q. I am retiring/emigrating/taking leave from practice and I am not sure what I need to do? » read more

Advice for locum, sessional & out of hours GPs

It is recognised that GPs working as locums or working in out of hours (OOH) or sessional work may face specific challenges in fulfilling their professional competence scheme (PCS) requirements. » read more

Do I need to notify the ICGP if I am on sick/maternity leave?

Yes. The Medical Council has asked us to make a note on the Statement of Participation for any doctors on maternity leave or sick leave so that they can take this into account if they identify a shortfall when/if the doctor is selected for audit. » read more

Finished training: When to enrol

Q. I have finished my training scheme and gone straight to maternity leave. When do I need to enrol on the PCS? » read more

Going abroad: Contact the ICGP

Q. I am moving abroad for work. Is there anything I need to do in relation to professional competence before I leave? » read more

I am retired, don’t intend to practise medicine anymore and plan to withdraw from the register. What does this mean for me?

If you withdraw your name from the register voluntarily, you can retain the title of "Dr", engage in college or mentoring activities and be able to administer emergency aid in the event of an accident. » read more

I don’t see patients as part of my work. How can I fulfil professional competence requirements, especially clinical audit?

Not all doctors see patients. Doctors work in health and clinical service policy development and oversight roles, clinical leadership and management roles, medical advisory roles, medico-legal roles, education and training roles, and many more. » read more

I have been on maternity leave/sick leave this year. What should I do?

The IMC requires that you should notify your training body if you are going on maternity leave or sick leave in excess of three months during a professional competence year. » read more

I work across a number of different roles

There are no special requirements for doctors occupying several roles simultaneously. Once registered, a doctor has the right to practise medicine. » read more

I work on a part-time or occasional basis

There are no special requirements for doctors working less than full-time, or on an occasional basis. » read more

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