Technical Support

How to add CPDR attendance codes using a desktop/laptop

At ICGP events, you will receive a CPDR attendance code which you can enter to your ePortfolio. » read more

How to check your computer set-up details

Open the following webpage: » read more

How to print a certificate of attendance from the ePortfolio

At ICGP events, you will receive an attendance code for entering your credits and personalised certificate directly to your ePortfolio. » read more

How to save the Statement or Participation and receipt to a desktop/laptop

To save these documents, please follow the steps below » read more

How to take a screenshot

When you have the page open with the error message appearing, hold down the 'Alt' key and the 'print screen' key. » read more

How to view ePortfolio on smartphone/tablet

You can log in to your professional competence ePortfolio system using your iPod and » read more

How to view the ePortfolio on smartphone/tablet

Most smartphones and tablets will default to the mobile version of the ePortfolio. » read more

I am not computer literate and have difficulty using the ePortfolio. What can I do?

We will be able to provide you with a guideline for using the system or, if you prefer, we can organise a tutorial with you in the college. » read more

What to do when you get an error message on the PCS webpage

In order for us to determine what might be causing the problem, it would be useful if you could do the following: » read more

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