09 February 2012
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How do I record credits for Personal Learning?

Personal learning credits are recorded based on the time spent undertaking the activity. For example one hour of reading Forum translates to one credit. 

To record this in your ePortfolio:

  • Log in to your ePortfolio.
  • Click on "add an Item", located on the right side of the screen. This will present a page with the fields requiring you to enter text. 
  • The following example details how you could record reading a Journal:
    Title: Forum Journal, Volume 28 November 2011
    Description: Read 5 clinical articles: treating hypertension in older people, improving outcomes for pregnant patients with diabetes, MMR vaccine, men's health and current status of HRT treatment.
    Area: Personal Learning.
    Type: Journal.
    Credits: One (one hour of educational activity translates to one credit).
    Date: Start and Finish. 

You do not need to keep the Journal.