Using the ePortfolio

The ICGP Professional Competence ePortfolio is an electronic portfolio to support the professional competence needs of all GPs. The ePortfolio is simple and easy to use, it will aid reflection and will organise supporting information into the categories required for professional competence audit.

Video tutorials
For video tutorials on how to use your ePortfolio, please click here.

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How will the ICGP ePortfolio save me time?

You enter your CPD activity onto the ePortfolio using a simple form which then structures the information according to the requirements for professional competence. » read more

I received a CPDR code at an event. How do I enter this on my ePortfolio?

This four-digit CPDR code is issued in place of a certificate and automatically updates your ePortfolio with your credits
and personalised certificate for the event. » read more

I’m having trouble enrolling or logging into my ePortfolio

If you have not enrolled on a PCS to date and you wish to join the ICGP scheme you can do so by going to the ICGP website: » read more

On the dashboard: Viewing activity

Q. How can I view the activity I have recorded? » read more

Uploading Documents: ePortfolio

Q. I'm having trouble uploading my certificates. What am I doing wrong? » read more

What are the main features of the ICGP ePortfolio?

The ICGP solution has many distinct features. » read more

What are the main screens that I will have to use?

There are four main screens that you will use. » read more

What kind of documentation do I need to provide for proof for activity on the ePortfolio?

Here are some examples of documentation required. » read more

What support will the ICGP provide to help users of the ePortfolio?

Users should refer to the ePortfolio help section for written guidance and other resources. » read more

Why is there a category for planned activity on the Dashboard?

The Medical Council guidelines state that doctors should plan their learning. » read more

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