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Code of Conduct for the ICGP Professional Competence Scheme

As a current enrolee on the ICGP Professional Competence Scheme (PCS), you agree to comply with the following code of professional conduct and take responsibility for your requirements of the Scheme. This code complements and assumes your familiarity with the Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners 8th Edition 2019 by the Medical Council of Ireland.

Please note that the ICGP will send PCS communications, including updates from the Medical Council, by email. 

As a member of the ICGP PCS, I agree to abide by the following code of conduct*:

  • Enrol on the PCS as per registration requirements and pay my fees in a timely manner
  • Monitor my ICGP login email address for PCS communications and updates 
  • Abide by the requirements for enrolment
  • Keep up to date with relevant PCS requirements
  • Obtain my CPD credits from a range of sources
  • Carry out an audit relevant to my scope of practice
  • Use My ICGP option on the ICGP website to keep my personal and professional details up to date
  • Notify ICGP PCS of    

    • relevant changes in my personal or professional information
    • leave from practice of three months or longer that impacts my ability to maintain PCS
    • restrictions on my practice that impact my PCS compliance 


  • Treat my colleagues, including ICGP staff, with dignity and respect
  • Maintain accurate records of my compliance with PCS, using ICGP ePortfolio and CPDR codes where relevant
  • Use ePortfolio appropriately and record accurate information only
  • Not include patient identifiers on my ePortfolio
  • Engage in CPD activities responsibly
  • Maintain professional boundaries in all communications to preserve trust in the profession of General Practice
  • Use PCS to maintain my professional knowledge, skills and practice in the best interests of safe and effective patient care

By agreeing to this Code of Conduct, you consent to the processing and disclosure of your data by ICGP PCS to the Medical Council for the purposes of the Scheme arrangements. ICGP adheres to requirements under General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR as described in the ICGP Privacy Policy.

* A breach of this code of conduct may constitute professional misconduct necessitating a fitness to practice intervention by the relevant regulatory authority.