09 April 2018
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Reminder! Last date for recording your PCS activity is April 30 2018

The last day for recording your professional competence activity for the 2017-18 year is the April 30 2018. You are encouraged to try to record any CPD activity in your ePortfolio as soon as you have completed it and not to leave recording until the last minute as this could be problematic – when traffic on the system peaks, it becomes slower and this can cause frustration for users. 

Please ensure you can tick off the checklist below by the April 30.


20 External credits recorded
20 Internal credits recorded
5 Personal Learning credits recorded
Research and Teaching credits (not included in the minimum requirements)
A total of at least 50 credits
One completed audit


Important points to note:

  • 20 external + 20 internal + 5 personal = 45 credits. You still need to record an additional 5 credits in order to achieve the minimum of 50 credits overall. You can make up these extra 5 credits in any category or across a combination of categories.
  • Remember to tick the 'audit completed' box when recording your audit or else it will not be logged that you have recorded an audit.
  • Recording an audit does not give you any credits; the requirements are 50 credits plus an audit.