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NB: Requirements for the 2023 2024 PCS year are 40 CPD credits and 1 clinical / practice audit.

Practice Evaluation & Development

Click here for guidelines on recording you internal CPD activity. 

  • Case Presentation: presenting particular patient scenarios to inform others about approaches to care/treatment.
  • Chart Review: Review of patient chart(s) to examine and reflect on management to date with a view to quality improvement of practice.
  • Clinical Case Discussion: discussion with another healthcare professional regarding clinical issues and approaches to a patient's treatment and care
  • Clinical Club: forming a club with other GP colleagues for regular clinical case discussions
  • Clinical Risk Meeting: e.g. where a GP/GP practice develop a plan to deal with seasonal epidemics 
  • CME Small Group meetings: participation in a CME Small Group can be recorded for 2 internal and 2 external CPD credits
  • Committee Participation: these can be recorded for 1 internal CPD credit per meeting (to a maximum of 6 per year)
  • Grand Rounds 
  • Locum Handover: discussing patient cases, files and updates on the practice
  • Patient Survey: where a survey is conducted to obtain patient feedback; click here for template 
  • PCT/HSE Meeting: template available on
  • Peer Review Group: where patient cases/issues/practice issues are presented to peers who provide advice and suggest alternative approaches to care and treatment. 
  • Practice-based Meeting: to discuss patient issues, attendance at courses & how to implement findings to improve patient care. To assist you with recording these, please see the template on
  • Practice Improvements from GPs: please click here for more information
  • Professional Development Plan (PDP): please see for more details 
  • Quality Improvement Process: review of an approach to care/treatment, etc. and implementation of outcomes
  • Significant Event Analysis: template available on

Remember! If you take learning back from a meeting and make subsequent changes to your practice as a result, you can record this for internal credits.

NB: Don't forget to always retain evidence to support your recorded activities. When recording internal CPD to your ePortfolio, you will need to enter a description (min. 50 characters) into the description box. 

Evidence includes, at a minimum, the topics reviewed/discussed, the number of people in attendance (where relevant) and any practice changes made as a result of the activity. Evidence should be added to your ePortfolio or retained on file for a minimum of six PCS years (current year and five previous).