13 June 2016
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Winners of the ICGP Career Support Grants

At the recently held ICGP Annual Conference & AGM, ICGP Director of Research, Dr Claire Collins, announced the winners of the ICGP Career Support Grants.

It is the first time these grants have been offered to support GPs to engage in higher degrees. The winning applicants are diverse in terms of geography, university, topic area and stage of career.

The winners are:

Name University Project Title
Dr Peter Hayes NUIG Description of a cohort of patients with apparent treatment resistant hypertension in general practice and, if appropriate, subsequent hospital assessment by a specialist-led secondary care hypertension clinic.
Dr Elaine Walsh UCC Medication error at the primary-secondary care interface.
Dr Stephanie Dowling UCD Does Continuing Medical Education (CME) impact on practice? A controlled trial in general practice.

Each will receive a grant of €45,000 over a period of three years to undertake a PhD. Two of these grants are being funded directly by the ICGP and one is being kindly supported via an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer.

On announcing the grant, Dr. Collins, stated that "the ICGP are delighted to be able to support our GP members in their desire to undertake a research career and in doing so to also build on our collaborations with our academic colleagues".