Fast track process for the ethical review of trainee projects

08 June 2016
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In order to facilitate trainee research project timelines and requirements, the ICGP has a fast track process for the ethical review of trainee projects.

  1. All trainees should click here to complete a non-clinical trials research ethics application form. Guidance on how to complete the form and template forms such as consent forms, and participant information leaflets are also available on this page. This is our recommendation because this form asks the necessary questions to make it clear to the reviewer what is involved in the project and if any ethical issue is likely to arise
  2. This form and a project proposal (and all necessary supplementary material) should be submitted electronically (as one document) to your local programme administrator. The timeframe for this should be agreed with the programme but should be no later than the second Friday of September (8th September 2017).
  3. The assigned person(s) from the programme team should initially review the submissions using the checklist and guidance supplied by the ICGP to establish if the project requires submission for ethical consideration by the ICGP Research Committee.
  4. If not, the trainee can proceed immediately.
  5. If yes, or if the programme reviewer(s) are unsure, the complete application material should be forwarded to the ICGP at the latest by the last Friday in September (29th September 2017). Please note one soft copy (by email to sallyanne.o' and two hard copies (single bound and double sided; including all documents) should be submitted.
  6. The ICGP Ethics Committee will review submitted applications via a dedicated trainee process and provide feedback by mid-October.
  7. If changes are required, they should be submitted within two weeks by the trainee and will be reconsidered by the ICGP Research Ethics Committee within two weeks and usually within one week of receipt.

The above process and time frame is only for trainees. Please note that if trainees submit at any other time of the year, the application must comply with the usual submission requirements of the Research Ethics Committee and will be reviewed at the subsequent scheduled meeting, not by the fast-track process.

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