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Event Summary Date Host Location CME
Donegal Multidisciplinary Morning Meeting 1 Jul 17 Astrazeneca Radisson Hotel, Letterkenny, Donegal CME
Trainer Workshop 4 Jul 17 Ballinasloe Specialist Training Programme in GP Group D: Shearwater Hotel, Ballinasloe, Galway CME
Garlick Balint Group 12 Jul 17 Garlick Balint Skreen Primary Care Centre, Skreen, Sligo CME
Sligo GP Balint group 20 Jul 17 Sligo GP Balint Group Sligo Psychotherapy Centre, Sligo CME
MPS General Practice Conference 2017 - Facing the Challenges of Modern Practice 24 Jul 17 Medical Protection Society The Convention Centre, Dublin CME
HPV, Cancer and Vaccination-Time for a Reality Check 27 Jul 17 Irish Cancer Society Research Albert Lecture Theatre, Royal College of Surgeons, 123 St Stephens Green, Dublin
Traffic Medicine: Road Traffic Act 2016 - Update for Medical Doctors 27 Jul 17 A Menarini Pharmaceuticals The Residence, Stephen's Green, Dublin 2 CME