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Global Health Survey

A recent online survey of Irish GPs and practice nurses had 247 responses. 51% of respondents had experience of working in global health initiatives.

Overall 89% of respondents expressed an interest in developing global health projects within Irish general practice. 

The majority of people had experience from medical electives in university (37.5%) with non governmental organisations (24%), mission organisations (17%) and experience while on a GP training schme (6%) featuring also.

19% of respondents were either personally involved or colleagues in their practice were currently involved in projects in the developing world.

The main areas felt to be important for the special interest group to develop were:

  1. Develop sustainable partnerships with relevant groups in the developing world (27%)
  2. Develop training materials and programmes in collaboration with groups in low and middle income countries in the management of conditions, protocols for disease management and online education initiatives for groups in the developing world (27%)
  3. Act as a forum for members to learn of opportunities both through regular meetings and through an online forum and as a resource for GP training schemes who may be interested in developing initiatives (27%)
  4. Develop GP training in Ireland for those wishing to participate in initiatives in low and middle income countries (17%)

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