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Menopause Theory Course

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Menopause Practical Course


ICGP Certificate in Menopause Care

The Women's Health Programme of the ICGP and the British Menopause Society (BMS) have collaborated to develop training in menopause management for primary care.

A change in demographics, with increased aging of the population, and the decreased mortality in the elderly, has resulted in increased life expectancy. Thus, women can now expect nearly 50% of their adult life span to be after the menopause. It is important that life quality and individual health after the menopause remain optimal, to guarantee an independent and active lifestyle in old age. To this end, health care professionals should be adequately trained and educated about the menopause, its significance as a biological marker and management options that are available.

This is a curriculum outline for training in menopause management aimed at healthcare professionals who work regularly in the field of women's health. Attendance at the theoretical course will result in a certificate of attendance, which if followed by completion of competence assessed practical training plus submission of a portfolio will earn a 'Certificate in Menopause Care'.

Training objectives

  • The training will provide an overview of the medical, psychological and social aspects of the menopause and its sequelae.
  • The training will concentrate on the assessment and management of clinical problems pertaining to menopause.
  • The trainee gaining the certificate will develop the competencies needed to provide menopause consultations in primary care.
  • The trainee will have an understanding of their role in the specialty, and where necessary, the appropriate point at which to refer to other specialists.

Entry criteria

The following are essential components of the training programme and all have to be achieved:

  • Attendance at an ICGP/BMS Menopause Theory Course AND Menopause Practical Course is mandatory. Trainees must have completed their practical training within three years of attendance at a theory course.
  • The Trainee must be fully registered with the IMC or An Bord Altranais and be working in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, primary care or any clinical area where they regularly see and advise women about menopausal health
  • Trainees should hold a relevant post-registration qualification which should demonstrate an understanding of women's reproductive health. This may be in contraception/sexual health (Certificate in Contraception, Advanced Certificate in LARC);
    OR candidates should have greater than 5 years experience in providing womens healthcare in general practice, including contraception and gynecology.
  • Trainees must have consultations skills and be able to take a full medical history including a sexual health history.
  • Trainees must be competent at speculum examination.
  • Professional support is advised with membership of the British Menopause Society.

Training programme

The following are essential steps in the training programme, and all of them must be completed.

  • Pre-reading: You should read the book Management of the Menopause (latest edition) before attending the theory course. Available for free when you join the BMS or available to buy on
  • Attendance at ICGP Menopause theory course.
  • Attendance at ICGP Menopause practical course
  • Submit portfolio
  • Be regularly doing menopause consultations (minimum 50 consultations per year)

ICGP Menopause Theory Course

This course is particularly suitable for all primary care health care professionals including GPs, practice nurses, public health nurses, as well as doctors and nurses working in secondary care services where menopause care is relevant to the caseload.

The course is being run in conjunction with the British Menopause Society. The aim of the course is to provide a comprehensive update in menopause management for doctors and nurses who are already experienced in this area. The course satisfies the theoretical component of the Certificate in Menopause Management. The course topics will include the menopause consultation, prescribing HRT, HRT in women with comorbidities, urogynaecology, bone health, and cardiovascular health. Speakers will include Dr Heather Currie, chair of the British Menopause Society, and Dr Deirdre Lundy, GP, and women's health programme tutor, ICGP.

To get the most from the course, attendees are advised to read the British Menopause Society Handbook prior to attending the course. This can be ordered online at or is free when you join the BMS.
Alternatively, attendees should read Nice Menopause Guidance -

Click here for more information and the registration link for the Menopause Theory Course.

ICGP Menopause Practical Course

This course provides training in menopause consultations for GPs who are doing a lot of menopause consultations in practice and who are already very familiar with this topic. The course format is simulated consultations and group discussion and will include management of tricky clinical scenarios related to menopause. Access to this course will be to GPs who are very experienced in managing menopause consultations and who do at least 50 menopause consultations per year. During the course there will be continuous assessment of GPs who are applying for the Certificate in Menopause. The following skills will be assessed:

  • Factual knowledge
  • Evolving knowledge: uncertainty, 'hot topics',
  • The evidence base of practice: knowledge of literature, quantitative research
  • Critical appraisal skill: interpretation of literature, principles of statistics
  • Application of knowledge: justification, prioritising, audit
  • Clinical management
  • Communication skills

To apply for this course, you must:

  • Have first completed the ICGP or BMS Menopause theory course
  • Complete an online application. The application will ask for details of your experience in providing menopause consultations. Only those who are providing at least 50 menopause consultations per year will be accepted for this course.

Click here for more information and to register for the Menopause Practical Course.


Candidates will submit a portfolio capturing their practice activities, personal reflections and evidence of improved practice, as part of summative evaluation, and submission of a satisfactory portfolio will be a condition of course completion.

Reflective diary
Learning to reflect on and learn from difficult clinical situations that you have been directly involved in is important. Reflective practice can only occur after you have been involved in a difficult situation which will usually be clinical, but could also include difficult situations occurring with colleagues. The purpose of reflection is to allow you to identify potential learning opportunities and develop your clinical practice by learning from them. For this to be a meaningful process you will need to examine previously and often firmly held beliefs about your practice and also learn to accept that you may have been wrong. You can also reflect on consultations that went well and on complex or challenging cases

Areas for reflection
Clinical skills, judgement, communication, decision making, team working.

Click here for a sample reflective portfolio

How to apply
Please post your portfolio and supporting documentation to the attention of Jana Pickard at ICGP, 4/5 Lincoln Place, Dublin 2.

Trainees who complete all aspects of the training can apply for the Certificate in Menopause Care.

This involves the following:

  • Submit portfolio
  • Send in certificate of attendance at theory course and practical course.
  • Candidates must attend practical course within 2 years of attending theory course.
  • Portfolio must be submitted within 6 months of attending practical course.


Maternity leave and sick leave

If, due to illness or maternity leave, candidates are unable to complete with portfolio within 6 months of attending the practical course, an extension may be granted by the RSH committee. To avail of this extension, please email