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Becoming a contraception tutor

22 July 2016 (updated: 24 February 2023)
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A contraception tutor can provide training in contraception for candidates who wish to apply for the Certificate in Contraception. The Contraception Tutor must assess the candidate and then sign the candidate's logbook.

Many GP trainees wish to apply for the Certificate in Contraception during their GP training years. GP trainees who wish to complete the practical component of the Certificate of Contraception during their GP registrar year, can do so in their training practice by completing a logbook under the supervision of a Contraception Tutor. Therefore, many GP trainers or doctors working in training practices are interested in becoming a contraception tutor.

The Certificate in contraception was previously called the Family Planning Certificate under the Joint Committee for Family Planning. Contraception tutors were previously called family planning tutors or instructing doctors in family planning, under the Joint Committee of Family Planning.

Who can become a contraception tutor?

In order to become a contraception tutor, you must:

  • Be working as a GP with clinical involvement in women's health or working in a family planning clinic
  • Have at least two years experience in general practice or family planning clinic post completion of training.
  • Hold the Certificate in Contraception or Family Planning Certificate or equivalent UK qualification (this is not required if you are a GP trainer)

How to become a contraception tutor

The ICGP Contraception Tutor course in currently in development and will be available soon.

On-going education

Contraception tutors are expected to attend a contraception tutor course at least once every 5 years to update their knowledge.

Contraception tutor register

The ICGP will maintain a register of contraception tutors. In order to remain on the Contraception tutor register, it is necessary to attend a Contraception Tutor course at least once every 5 years.

Candidates embarking on training for the Certificate in Contraception are advised to check if their tutor is on the contraception tutor register. To confirm if a doctor is on the tutor register before undertaking your training, you should contact