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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between an ARN and a CPDR Attendance Code?

The ARN is your application number and it should be included in any certificates issued at events. » read more

As an event organiser, where can I find the study leave and credits that have been allocated to my event?

The study leave and credits for your activity can be found by logging into your dashboard, clicking on the relevant application that has been approved, then clicking on the activities tab. » read more

I am an event organiser, where can I find the CPDR Attendance Code for my event?

The CPDR Attendance Code is currently available for all ICGP events and is provided once an application has been approved. » read more

What is a ICGP-led event?

A GP-led event refers to any event that is run by GPs and for GPs. » read more

I am organising an activity abroad. Can the ICGP recognise this for CPD?

The ICGP considers activities which take place within the jurisdiction of Ireland only. If you are organising an activity in another country, you are advised to contact the local jurisdiction (e.g. EACCME). » read more

I am organising a multidisciplinary activity. Can the ICGP give overall recognition?

There is a mutual arrangement with the Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies (PGMTB) where activity recognised by one PGMTB is recognised by all for multi-disciplinary activity. » read more

I am hosting several instances of the same event in a PCS year. Do I need to submit a separate application for each one?

No. To assist CPD applicants, there is an option to include multiple dates and times on the one application form. » read more

I am organising a business session as part of my meeting, can ICGP grant recognition for this?

ICGP provide recognition for external CPD only, which applies to educational activity. Business sessions cannot be recognised for external CPD, however they can be recorded at the discretion of the attendee for internal CPD with 1 business session = 1 CPD credit. A maximum of 6 can be recorded per annum. » read more

My organisation run the same activity annually, can the CPD Recognition be carried forward?

No. In order to ensure that activity which is recognised by the ICGP meets our quality and standards processes, it must be reviewed annually. » read more

What activity does ICGP recognise for CPD?

 ICGP recognises CPD for external credits where the proposed activity is relevant to the... » read more