07 October 2016
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Removal of 2011/12 records from your ePortfolio

Guidelines from the Irish Medical Council state that evidence of activities need only be retained on file for 5 years once the activity has been completed. As such, the 2011/12 (Year 1) records on your ePortfolio will no longer be sought. To keep the service running efficiently, we will be removing these records from the ePortfolios on the 31 December 2016.

Going forward, this will be an annual occurrence with only the most recent 5 years being reflected on both your ePortfolio and your Statement of Participation. Your next Statement of Participation, released in May 2017, will no longer include the credits you recorded for 2011/12.

We are conscious that some doctors may wish to retain information for their own records. A simple way to keep a record is to print or save a copy of your current Statement of Participation with the 2011/12 credits listed. However, if you would prefer to also retain associated documentation, we have developed guidelines on how to save this information before it is removed. If you have any queries in relation to this, please don't hesitate to contact the professional competence helpdesk at professionalcompetence@icgp.ie or call 016763705 and ask to speak with Aoife McBride.


 Guidelines for saving documents & information attached to your ePortfolio (Guidelines_for_saving_documents_and_information_attached_to_your_ePortfolio.pdf | 489 KB)