05 October 2016
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Medical Council requests PCS enrolment from training bodies

The Medical Council has recently requested the MCRN for all doctors currently enrolled on the 2016/17 Professional Competence Schemes, which began on 1 May 2016.

As a recognised postgraduate medical training body, we are required under our contractual arrangements with the IMC to forward supply this data.

Enrolment on the ICGP PCS is currently available until the close of business on 28 April 2017. However should you wish to enrol in advance of this, please log on to www.icgp.ie/pcs and select 'Renew/enrol on the ICGP PCS'.

Please note that it is ICGP policy to restrict access to the ePortfolio after 30 September if enrolment has not been completed. Once you have enrolled, full access will be restored.

If you are currently practising and fulfilling your CPD abroad, please contact us so that this can be noted on your file.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this, please contact the PCS helpdesk at professionalcompetence@icgp.ie or 01 6763705.