Is re-audit required?

22 August 2017

 Q. Is re-audit required?

A. Yes. Audit is about improvement. You should be changing or improving things as a result of your audit. After you have implemented your action plan, you should re-audit to review your position in terms of your (new) target.

One of the most common errors when carrying out an audit is omitting to go back and do a re-audit. This is an essential step as part of the audit process. In essence, an audit cannot be considered as complete if the re-audit has not been undertaken. Depending on the nature of your audit, it may not be feasible for you to carry out your re-audit in the same PCS year. In this case it is fine to go back and do it at a later date but it is important that this is done. Audit is about quality improvement so it makes sense to review and check if the changes you have put in place as a result of the audit have been effective. Remember, doing a re-audit does not constitute an audit in itself and hence does not qualify as your audit for the subsequent PCS year.