Would a group or national audit be acceptable?

20 September 2011 (updated: 06 December 2011)

Would a group or national audit be acceptable?

You can engage in an audit with other GPs (e.g. other members of your practice, local colleagues) if you wish to do so. In this instance, all GPs taking part in the audit should be actively engaged in the process and should fulfil their individual time requirements (12 hours per annum). Each GP should record the audit individually to their own ePortfolio. Group audits may present an opportunity to form a local audit group and to have meetings to discuss analysis/results.

Please note that if the audit data is leaving the practice or will be published, and therefore is not only being used for internal practice purposes, ethical approval should be obtained.

In response to GP demand, the ICGP have created sample audits which identify the relevant guidelines, suggest criteria and outline the data as needed. To view the sample audits, please click here

Source: ICGP Director of Research