Advanced Certificate in LARC - Experienced Inserters

30 November 2017

Advanced Cert in LARC

This route to certification is open to established GPs and Family Planning doctors who have considerable prior experience in LARC. You may or may not have been certified in LARC at some stage in the past or your certificate may have expired. This route is not open to GP Trainees. Please complete all sections of the application form fully or your application will be deemed incomplete.

Note: Candidates can apply for the Advanced Certificate in LARC for implant insertions only or for IUCD/IUS insertions only or for both procedures.

Note: You must have met ALL requirements before submitting your application. Applications which do not meet all requirements will be voided and you will not receive a refund. 


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Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:


The fee for the Advanced Certificate in LARC is €50 for ICGP members and €200 for non members. Please note, there is an additional fee of €350 if you require the ICGP to source a LARC Tutor for you.

Guidance Documents

Protocols & Forms

Important information regarding LARC STC payments

The statutory instrument for STC payments for LARC procedures contains a clause that states that doctors will be required to have the LARC certificate and this has increased the number of applications for the LARC certificate beyond our capacity. The HSE Contracts Office have informed us that this requirement is currently under review. Pending the outcome of this review the HSE Contracts Office have confirmed that LARC certificates are not required from GPs with existing GMS contracts and/or new entrants to GMS at present.

The College has been assured that this information has been relayed by the HSE Contracts Office to local Primary Care Managers and to PCRS. This therefore should alleviate the necessity for the submission by GPs of their LARC certificates when submitting claims for payments for LARC procedures.