Application for Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medical Product (CTIMP)

18 May 2008 (updated: 01 September 2021)

Clinical Trials is defined in the European Union Directive on Clinical Trials as follows: "Any investigation in human subjects, other that a non-interventional trial intended:

with the object of ascertaining the safety or efficacy of such products, or both"

Application Process

Each application must include:

  1. Study protocol.
  2. Application form.
  3. Data collection instrument (e.g. questionnaire).
  4. Research participant consent forms.
  5. Research participant information leaflet.
  6. Insurance / indemnity certificate (where appropriate).
  7. Curriculum vitae of the principal investigator.
  8. Data Protection Impact Assessment
  9. Section E2 of RECSAF standard application form

Please submit ONE hard copy of your application, including all documentation, in typescript in single bound form (double sided) to Research Administrator, ICGP, 4-5 Lincoln Place, Dublin 2, four weeks prior to the meeting. In addition, please email a full copy of the application to Please also note that as a clinical trial, a full DPIA assessment should be submitted

The applicant/investigator/general practitioner must be available to attend for approximately 15-20 minutes at the meeting of the Committee, at the time scheduled, if requested. Written confirmation of time schedule will be issued prior to the meeting.

Written confirmation of the Committee's decision will be issued approximately one week from date of meeting.

Please note: In the case of amendments, queries, etc., subsequent to your application please refer to the date of your original submission, the date of the relevant Committee meeting/recommendation, and the study/protocol ref. number where applicable.

Click here for the Clinical Trial Application Form

Click here to access additional documents and forms regarding clinical trials available from the Department of Health website.

The Health Research Board provides an overview of GDPR and the Health Research Regulations (2018) in order to help researchers in the health domain to comply with requirements. See this link: